Profits are split evenly between the artists, the printer, and the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund | FREE US SHIPPING on all orders

Artist Resources

What You Can Do

  • Share Your Images, Link to
  • In each social post please tag @erasecovid and use #EraseCOVID and #MusiCares
  • Hit up any press contacts you have or send them our way
  • If you know of any bands or brands that want to help, ask them to share the images


Your Landing Page

You can use your artist bio page to allow people to browse all of your designs, which can be found here:


Hashtags to Consider:

#EraseCOVID #MusiCares #Stayhome #coivd19 #covid_19 #coronavirus #besafe #fightcoronavirus #SafeHands #TogetherAtHome #psa

Social Posting

  • In each post please tag @erasecovid and use #EraseCOVID and #MusiCares
  • Once your designs are launched on we would love it if you introduce your audience to EraseCOVID via our Introduction Video. (located below)
  • We pulled apart all of the key frames from the video and made them available as individual images. On Instagram, you can post multiple images in one post, so use these keyframes to tell the story with images of your artwork in between. See @handcarvedgraphics post for an exmaple.
  • When posting your artwork we would greatly appreciate making our Instagram image as your last photo. (located below)


Videos and Images to Share

You should be able to click this link from your phone and download the video and images to your camera roll for easy social sharing.
Introduction to EraseCovid 0:45 Video and Keyframe Images


Press Release:
Here's the press release announcing the launch of Press Contact:
For more information, or to speak with Michael Buchmiller or other artists, contact Dave Palmer. | (619) 800-3865


Talking Points

  • We’re a community of artists and designers that all wanted to use what we do to help others, spread some critical information, and hopefully save some lives.
  • Every purchase gives back in multiple ways.
  • Proceeds are split between the artist, the printer, our charity partner MusiCares.
  • We have partnered with the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund to give direct support to those in the music community that have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • An opportunity for artists to make great public safety-themed art that gives back to the creative community, and get paid for their work.
    Currently have 50 artists from 7 countries, and it's growing every day.


How Others Can Help / Call to Action

  • Share the images. Post them on your social networks. Buy greeting cards or postcards with this art and send them out. Buy posters and put them around your town, your office, home, anywhere people will see them. And share our site and social links with anyone you can. Sharing these images could literally save lives. Artists and musicians have always been there for us. Now we can be there for them.
  • / Facebook and Instagram @EraseCovid